Sunday, September 2, 2007

Get out of my house!!

Finally those invites are done (all but maybe ten or so...) and out of the house.

In fact, today I got a phone call from one of my aunts in Texas just to let me know she got hers and it was, to use her word 'awesome'. ;)

Here's a bit of the process:
We started out with our invite we printed at kinkos and wrapped it with a 2.5" strip of moss green card stock. It had a really nice linen-y texture to it which made it seem much fancier than the regular smooth. (And it cost the same so of course, we went with textured).

The insanely perfect ribbon we found at hobby lobby in a CLEARANCE BUCKET. (All hail the clearance bucket!) It was actually a yarn (how?) so its a reeealllly long piece and it only cost us a $1.50. Woot! We shot the works and grabbed two.

Word of advice, and this may be obvious to the rest of the world but Tanner had to tell me to do it, if you're doing the paper w/ribbon wrap around a card cut slices for the ribbon to thread through your card stock so it stays in the center and doesn't slide up and down. Never occurred to me but what genius.

Then we moved on to our wax seals...

We used a glue gun format wax and it really wasn't brittle at all. Regular wax will break in the mail, but this was nice and pliable.

Then we stamped them with the brass F. I love that little F. Remember to let that little thing sit in cool water (and shake it all off before you use it!) or you'll end up with a bloppy impression. Not so good.

Here they are! Our little army of invites!

Mind you, this is without the RSVPs & other inserts added behind the belly band, but I wanted to get a shot of the little babies when they were fresh. I'm so proud of them. They were so much work! But thankfully my fella did at least half of it! Bless him.
And now we're officially inviting people to our wedding!! I'm so excited!

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