Tuesday, August 21, 2007

12 Dancing Princesses

I have found my shoes (I think).
The thing about me is I can't ever make up my mind.
I know what I want *in* my wedding shoes.

1. No heel (Tanner is only 2 inches taller than me. The veil & hair have already called those 2 inches.)
2. Cuteness
3. They must be red!

Now I know that the idea of wearing red shoes with your white (ivory in my case) wedding dress may not be for everybody. But honestly, white shoes are not for me. I muss them up and they make my feet look bigger (big white feet, it's true). But I adore red shoes, I really do. So for me this is a no brainer. And I had no idea this was something women did. When I saw a bride with red shoes on The Knot I was both happy (yay! it's acceptable!) and upset (aw! I thought this would be original!) But I quickly got over myself when I saw these sexy babies:

These shoes light my fire.

I sent this photo to my mother (expecting to hear "Ew, dear those are all torn up.") who said 'They remind me of the 12 Dancing Princesses'. Which was one of my favorite stories as a child. She made the connection because the frayed seams on the shoes are like the worn shoes of the 12 princesses who dance the night away in a magical castle and then leave their frayed shoes at the foot of their bed to be found by confused castlefolk in the morning. No one knows why their shoes are tattered until a handsome farmer comes along... he eats a magical invisibility flower... there is some sneaking... cut to the chase they all live happily ever after. Anyhow once she said that I really wanted to buy these shoes. I'm not a princessy girl, really, but what a cool idea, right? So romantic.

And I really want to dance my magical wedding night away in red shoes...


Anonymous said...

I like those shoes! Where are they from?

Sarah said...

they're Hailee by two lips
sorry i didnt respond faster!