Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We can dance if we learn to

Ok so we haven't picked out our wedding dance song yet. And we can't agree on one that we both want (this causes me much anguish) so I decided to put the cart before the horse and ordered this DVD:

"The Wedding Dance" was one of the highest rated DVD for learning how to dance that Amazon had, and it's *for your first dance*! It cost about $30 after regular shipping. Way less than lessons, and I got Hubby to agree to this. Lessons didn't seem to light his fire.
We both watched it yesterday and I gotta tell you, I'm excited. It's very easy to follow and takes things nice and slow. You can check it out on its website: NowYoureDancing.com I think what I like most about the DVD is its lack of hoakeyness. How-To DVDs can sometimes be a little corny & awkward. This was neither. In fact, Hubs has no problem with it. (He even seems a little excited about learning now. Woo hoo!)

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