Thursday, August 16, 2007

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man

When I say 'Brown Tuxedo' what comes to mind?
I'm finding out that for many people it's this:

Which is not exactly the look we are going for.

My Hubs is not a flashy guy, he is however excited about getting to get all dressed up for our nuptials. In fact, I remember in High School (we were best buds) he was excited about graduation because he'd get to wear a suit. And he searched high and low for the perfect tie. So for him, this wedding is another chance to look sharp. He's excited again, I can tell. He's even mentioned to me that when we're standing there getting married I'll stand out in white but all the guys blend together in black tuxes.

His solution- brown tuxes. If they've all got to match he says then let them match in brown, at least its different. Also, because our wedding will be outdoors with earthy fall colors (and because there won't be a stitch of black on anything) brown would be more fitting. I agree and you know, I think it's a great idea. Here's the one he's picked out:

Photo courtesy of

See? Sexy.

Anyhow we took a look at it in person and It's actually a very nice tuxedo. He tried it on and all I can say is ladies, look forward to seeing your man in a tux. ;)

This does create a bit of a problem for our little ring bearer. His tux would be the same price as the men's tuxes. I can't ask her to spend $150 on a tiny tuxedo for one day, especially given the fact that he's a little boy and the wedding is outdoors... So our little man will probably end up in this suit:

Close match, eh? Not bad at all. She found this suit herself (motivated by the tux rental price) at for about half the price of the rental - and he can keep it. His mother shall not fear dirt nor feeding the child. The fact that it's not the same cut (and that the brown might not be *exactly* the same) doesn't bother me one bit because after a matching vest, tie & boutonniere nobody will be able to tell the difference.

And he'll be a little guy in a suit, who doesn't love that?

So now we've got to get my man fitted & find a nice vest/tie combo. Which makes me happy because I'll get to see some more of him in the tux ;)

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