Monday, August 13, 2007

'Chill' sayeth the Lord

Guess what!
We have a officiant!! How awesome is that!? Tanner finally found one! And (drumroll please) here he is!!
Pastor Navarro! He's a Lutheran Pastor at a church in Conroe, Texas (about 30 mins from where the wedding will be held) and he's got a bio on that website, read about him. You'll like him. In fact, I liked him from the moment I laid eyes on his picture on that website.
He's even got a slight Mexican accent (Tanner says, he spoke to him) so how cool is that? And he said he wants us to both write a paragraph about ourselves and why we want God's blessing on our marriage so that he can add it to his reading. Aw, so neat! I didn't even know they did that. And he even fits my shallowest criteria of being not young. Don't tell him I said that. But I really wanted to be married by an older guy. What luck!!
This changes everything of course. Now if the Bagpiping Minister can't make it it's a-ok. But if he can then he'll come and just play the pipes for us. This is all turning out so beautifully.
Anyway I feel so good. I can finally stop worrying because now we're not sending out 100 invitations to an officiantless wedding. I was honestly thinking if things kept going like they were I'd have to get Grandpa ordained online.

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