Saturday, August 11, 2007

Angel Ladies Will Take Care of Your Ladies*

I am related to our entire bridal party. My new sisters in law will serve as my maids and my little brothers are our groomsmen. My adorable little cousins will play the roles of Flower Girl & Ring Bearer. So cute.
Ladies first, more on the fellas later.
After a HUGE amount of hunting & searching both online and on foot, and months of stress and struggle trying to find the perfect moss green bridesmaids dresses I happened upon this beautiful frock at

How gorgeous is that dress!? I want one for myself.
It comes in a lovely shade of olive taffeta that will surely do. I wanted something in the right green and that would be flattering to a young lady, and was long enough that they wouldn't freeze to death. This dress was perfect.
Because my bridesmaids are both in their teens my mother in law would be purchasing both of their dresses, so I absolutely needed to stay within her budget. The only problem was it's $50 over her budget of $150 a dress. Finding a dress for under $150 isn't impossible, but when you're looking for a certain color it can be hard. And even before we discussed money I knew I didn't want to burden her with a huge dress bill. (Great way to start a relationship, no?)
I showed this gown to her when I found it online for $150, extremely happy with myself for ending this dress saga. However, when she decided she wasn't really comfortable buying them online she went to a local shop in West Virginia and got them both for $200 a piece!! When she told me I was mortified. I felt completely responsible. But she assured me she knew the wedding would be expensive and was completely ok with it (and refused our offer to pay the difference). She even said she really liked the dress. :)
So all is well and the girls have their dresses ordered. They should arrive in a few weeks and I can't wait to get some pictures!!

Now my completely adorable flower girl:

Isn't she the most beautiful little thing?
Her mother found this dress at a shop in Bryan, Texas for about $60 and sent me a photo. (This was after we settled on one at David's Bridal that was $120 and not really that thrilling.) You can't really see it here but there is some beautiful embroidery on the organza skirt overlay in the the perfect shades of gold, green & red. I love this dress. The red sash will be replaced by a velvet one in the shade of the bridesmaid's dresses. The kid's going to steal the show. And she loves the dress because it passes the 'twirl test'. (You know, where you twirl and the skirt flies out around you.)

*That's actually the name of a Thai dish at the delicious Nit Noi, but I think it applies here as well.

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