Thursday, August 23, 2007

But what would I do with it?

I was shopping last night and came across a 12 yard bolt of fabric. It's *the* green and nearly identical in texture to the BM's dresses. (Nice silky taffeta, only this is softer) It was under $3 a yard and I really, really wanted to take that baby home with me. I wasn't there looking for fabric, I shouldn't even have been in the fabric section of the store. But I was mysteriously drawn there...

I didn't buy it. I told myself way back at the begining of this game that I would *not* under any circumstances buy anything weddingy on impulse that I wouldn't know what to do with once I got it home. This way I would surely save myself a ton of money.

But now I'm thinking... it's *the* green. Which is hard to come by. And it's an untouched, complete bolt with a lot of useable yardage. And people use fabric at weddings, right? Besides, isn't $2.90 a yard a really good deal? Oh my head is spinning.

My point is, should I go back and get it? Before somebody else does? And if I do... what will I do with it?

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Anonymous said...

could you use it in your centerpiece decor? make a ringbearer pillow out of it? have the groomsmen have a square of it in their jacket pockets instead of a boutenniere (sp?)? use it as a tablecloth for the cake table or gift table? hang it as a background for polaroid pictures?

just some ideas that came to mind...