Friday, August 3, 2007

The fanciest dress I've ever owned.

This is possibly my favorite part.
My wedding gown is gorgeous. Right now it's with the alterations lady and I miss it dearly. It took me one afternoon to find it, and I only went to one shop. That is, of course, ridiculous because it took me months to find my prom dress. But as soon as I put this one on I thought what all brides hope to think when they see "the" dress:
"Man, I look good in this."
So when my mother and aunt (who came out here to shop with me, bless 'em) all agreed we bought the thing and went out for pizza.
It would have been enough that the dress was gorgeous and perfect but it was also half price. Oh yes, this was the only way I could have afforded it. After taxes and buying the big garment bag to hang it in my total came to around $400. For me, that price was as perfect as the dress. And I got it for half because the shop, Deedy's Bridal, was redoing its inventory and getting rid of a lot of sample gowns. Man, how lucky can you be?? So ladies, pay attention and ask around, you may strike gold.
I'd be more descriptive of the gown but Hubs reads this :) And thankfully all he knows about it is that 'it looks huge in the bag' Hah.

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Sara said...

Your dress is gorgeous!