Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Kilt Issue

We went over to Tanner's friends house yesterday and I asked one of the guys (who had just come back from England where he had bought himself a kilt)
"Would you think it would be weird to be married by a guy in a kilt?"
To which Tanner adds "And he's got bagpipes."
And his friend's answer was "I think it would be weirder if he didn't have the bagpipes."

Brilliant answer!

Ok to you this may mean nothing. But to me this was a big win for my side. I've got this Preacher man friend that I would *love* to have officiate our wedding, if he can make it. (Long story, but he may be in Europe in November. He doesn't know yet.) He's retired so he's old (I know it's kinda strange, but I want to be married by an old man.) He *plays the bagpipes* and *has a kilt*!! This is beauty. I tried to set this up as a surprise for Hubs but my crazy mother spilled the beans at the Florist. So now he knows and he's not sure about it! So I guess it's a good thing he knows now, if I'd surprised him and he was uncomfortable I don't know what would have happened. But it shocks me so much that he didn't jump at the chance. He *loves* bagpipes and kilts and all that jazz. He even mentioned having a bagpiper at the wedding! ...So to me, having a bagpiping Preacher do our ceremony seemed perfect, but to him I think it seems like it may be too much.

Mind you, this is coming from a guy that has a cartoon character tattooed on his chest.

But now, thanks to his friend's nice spin on things I may be winning him over. Because really, its just the bagpipes that he's unsure about. I adore the idea. So now I just need to get him to come around. ;) Which I do believe will happen... more on this later.

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